BLOG: Maberry's Dead of Night Shambling Zombie Blog tour

So anyone who knows me, knows that author Jonathan Maberry is one of my favorites. he puts out a book and i salivate over it and rearrange my reading list to make it magically at the top.

With this in mind, I am glad to announce that I am participating in his "Shambling Zombie blog tour" [see Maberry's 02/07/12 post]. He has agreed to answer a few questions by email, which will be posted here on Saturday 02/25/12 for your viewing pleasure.

In the mean time, check out the link above for other tour participants.
I found a couple sites were far more entertaining than others:

Examples -
Hell Notes - on Dead of Night
Review on Horror World
Q/A at Rex Robot


I feel a little bad.. It looks like about a third of the folks on his tour just dropped the ball entirely.. you hit up their sites and.... nothing....

Whats up with that folks?


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