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Tea Dragon Society: Not an 80’s toy commercial, just a cute comic

Many wonderful comics start off grassroots with a webcomic or small personal zine. It is hard to keep up with them all, even using the ever less relevant RSS, you could spend eight hours a day busting through updates and micro-releases.

Tea Dragon Society is one of those wonderful small releases that could have been lost in ebb and flow of the internet ocean. Picked up by OniPress, ‘The Tea Dragon Society’ officially moves multi-genre and can live on your bookshelf.

Pre-order for 10/31/17 release!
(Oct 18th for KindleEdition)

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The Tea Dragon Society (Katie O’Neill)

Age: 9 - 12 years / Grade: 4 - 7

72 pages

Oni Press

ISBN-10: 1620104415

ISBN-13: 978-1620104415

This is a short work of fiction. At only 72 pages, I will refrain from going to deeply into detail as the entire story could be spoiled very quickly. In this universe, tea can actually be magic. Normal tea tastes delicious and brings comfort, but those who care for Tea Dragons can make special tea (hah.. Specialty). On the heads and bodies of Tea Dragons, specific varieties of tea leaves and berries grow. Through the love for the creatures and the closeness of one’s bond, the tea grows and can be groomed.

Beverages made from this tea are infused with the memories and feelings of the Dragon caretakers.

In this unique story, a young blacksmith named Greta meets a Tea Dragon lost in the city. Getting to know it’s owner, she makes new friends and helps rebuild a lost social group centered on the love and care of the Dragons. Greta feels self-conscious but through her friendship with an even more awkward faun-friend, she seems to really grow as a character. The comic is split into four seasons of the year with a detailed appendix of Tead Dragon lore and species data in the tail end.

This is just cute!

Aspects of this book drove were disappointing as an adult reader - For example, Greta has a pet who appears to be some form of fire entity. This is called out by her mother as a point of interest, but we never learn more.either there was a point or there wasn't. There is definite room for plot expansion in several similar areas, but as a fun story, these holes do not detract from the experience. Hopefully, we see followup releases.

Read the entire work on the original web-comic page ( If you enjoy it, consider picking up an official copy and supporting the author. Use this as a teaser to see if you need it on your shelf or in your local school.


This book was supplied for review purposes by the publisher. I drank some tea once that was terrible. Seriously terrible. I over steeped it in coffee from a robot and forgot about it for a couple hours. That was bad, this was good. While I make mistakes, I don’t drink mistakes. I pour mistakes out and then cry a little because I ruined coffee and tea simultaneously.

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PREORDER! October 24th Release date.
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