Extinction Machine: I am a cry-baby fanboy

Extinction Machine follows the trend of DMS fighting battles against foes of legend. In this case, Aliens. Or more accurately, humans in a 50+ year secret race to recreate technology from downed alien craft (roswell et al). My opinion of the book should not block a fan from reading, or a potential fan from starting the series. This is just me being a cry baby fan boy who is potentially over critical.

  • Extinction Machine - Joe Ledger: Book 5 (Jonathan Maberry)
  • 448 pages
  • St. Martin's Griffin
  • ISBN-10: 0312552211


This was my least favorite of the Joe Ledger series by Maberry. It isn't that the plotline was bad, it wasn't in fact, it was really quite good. The trouble was the heavy handedness and some love interest concerns (potential love interest concerns for the main character).

With out getting too deep into the plot details, Maberry goes against his normal grain of eloquently spoon-fed details which make the plot hum and vibrate with goodness. In EM it feels more like he has trouble spinning the yarn. The only reason I can think of that there would be such a drastically change in writing presentation would be that Maberry himself has difficulty with his own plot.. As a result, various characters take turns parrotting back the same substantiating data over and over and over, beating into our heads the details needed to make the plot holes plausible. Seriously, the book would be a third smaller if this were more streamlined. Besides that though, pretty cool stuff as always.

Primarily I was vested in finishing the book because of some particularly evil sh*t which occurs and makes me blood thirsty for revenge as many chatacters were. I was also curious as to the final outcome of a particular end of world scenario, which I ultimately felt was glossed over.

Good thing for me there are two more books in the series, one novel and one collection of short stories.

Potential spoiler: Uhm. Violin is going to nail Ledgers balls to a wall and slowly de-vein him like a giant shrimp. You DO NOT F*CK with the bastard inbred daughter of a vampire... No matter how 'informal' your relationship is.


I dont know how to fix this one. I read the book without reading the back cover. Had i read it firdt, i eould have felt a bit cheated. I guess it is adequate, but I feel like it gives away plot that was enjoyable to unravel. Not worth reblurbing, but not 'great' or satisfying.

Publisher Description:

In Extinction Machine, the fifth Joe Ledger book by Jonathan Maberry, the DMS must go up against someone—or something—in search of new technology that could bring about world war
The President of the United States vanishes from the White House.

A top-secret prototype stealth fighter is destroyed during a test flight. Witnesses on the ground say that it was shot down by a craft that immediately vanished at impossible speeds.

All over the world reports of UFOs are increasing at an alarming rate.

And in a remote fossil dig in China dinosaur hunters have found something that is definitely not of this earth. There are rumors of alien-human hybrids living among us.

Joe Ledger and the Department of Military Sciences rush headlong into the heat of the world’s strangest and deadliest arms race, because the global race to recover and retro-engineer alien technologies has just hit a snag. Someone—or something--wants that technology back.

Source: This book was purchased by me at Powells Books. I love you Powells. Can we hang out? Do you want to play Nintendo and eat pizza bagel bites? No joke, I think I am a better friend than you and we should put in some quality time together.


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