Turing Evolved (David Kitson)

According to the author's note, Turing Evolved has gone through several independent grass roots edits before becoming the polished and shiny titanium beast that it is. This is the beginning of a streak of finely crafted self published novels available for suuuper cheap. Highly recommended for any scifi nerds, mech geeks, MMORPG players, and housewife romance fans. This is an equal opportunity read.

The Alan Turing namesake should be enough to give a semi knowledgable reader insight into the core to this. Turing Evolved is an in depth look into the world of Artificial Intelligence and it's affect on our world in a fictionalized non specific future.

Jon has been kicked from the military for actions that put them in a poor light. As a Demon Pilot, his fully haptic implants allowed him to run his mech as if it were his own body, preparing for future conflicts with the Asian Union or otherworld  powers. Now, he doesn't know what he is, besides a displaced fool who should have kept his mouth shit. He has been referred to his first non military job, working with the MINDSpace Samaritans. The Samaritans help extract people who are fully immersed in MINDSpace and ensure they are able ti reintegrate into society.

Jon finds himself in a strange position when he crosses a rogue Demon and an Angel in an encounter on city streets, he is forced to take direct action to save the life of an AI. What follows is a surprisingly non-mushy and thrilling love story. How can a man who can only visit the virtual world love a woman who can on visit the physical.

Heavy handed but well thought out and critical religious references abound. Highly geeky storyline. No dates are applied, but references to stealth bombers and other modern tech as several hundred years old (and foreign in detail) show that this is far into the future. Filled with but not dominated by technology, instead it feels like with the exception of a few elements, it could happen today rather than in the future..

Well worth the time, grab a copy and give it a shot.


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