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Feng Shui Assassin (Adrian Hall)

Ho-ly e-book gold.

Feng Shui Assassin is tailor made to be converted to a cult movie; This book demands a sequel that will probably never come, which is a damn shame. It was written (per the author) after some long pub discussions, which means auto-win right?

Harvey Barker is in London, hunting the board members of the Valentine Trust. Blamed for the death of his environmental activist sister, his goal is to destroy them one by one. As with any murder plot, the question of how to do it without getting caught is paramount to success rate. Harvey had this nailed down.

Harvey is a Feng Shui Assassin. Chi that flows easily and unfettered brings luck and grace to a persons life. Chi that becomes stagnant can bring misfortune and unhappiness. Adjusting objects in space to create pools and eddys of negative chi, Harvey’s specialty is helping nasty things happen to people by muddying their flows. His work leaves no tangible mark tying him to a crime.
Harvey opens the book by turning a high power broker against himself, altering the flow of his office to make a dead pool.

Detective Amanda Morgan is investigating the suicidal jump of a high power broker. His plummet from office to pavement makes no sense. She cant put her finger on the root of it, but knows something is off. She is determined to break this case, proving murder rather than suicide.

I know, i know.. Feng shui as a murder tool? It is a campy thought and it really works well. The author has created a fairly vivid world. Amanda has some killer scenes that would rival her against any blockbuster action heroine. The assassin himself is particularly cool. The evil henchmen are evil badasses (origami weapons master, yoga/chakra ass kicker)

Perceived issues: There were some editing problems in this book. There is a major antagonist character who was painfully annoying in a couple chapters right in the middle of the novel (he really could have done without his monologue). It ended rather than had promise of a continuation that would be well deserved.

Available on amazon for 99cents, you cant go wrong.
It you wanna save a buck, grab it for free off smashwords


  1. Never really heard of this movie.. But off late I have been reading a lot about Vastu & Feng Shui.. if the movies is on that lines, I am going to love it!

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    Original Date - 11/28/2012

    1. Bina – Unfortunately, this is NOT a movie, just a novel. I think it would translate very well to screen though.
      It goes into Vastu a fair amount along with Feng, but remember that it is not serious, there is an amount of tongue in cheek that must be accounted for.

      Very enjoyable read, regardless!

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      Original Date - 11/28/2012


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