Sadie the Sadist (Zane Sachs)

SPOILERS. This review will spoil plot and appetite in some places. This book is not for all readers. Enough said.

Do you see the corn in the cover art? Keep it in mind. Corn plays a big part in this book, though I will only mention it twice.

Sadie the Sadist was a completely fucked up book with a seemingly lackluster, yet surprisingly satisfying ending after I let it marinate for a bit.. Would I recommend this to others to read? I am not sure. Much like when I read American Psycho, I have to question my judgement at times. This was very well written though, and I find myself hard pressed to put down a book that can make me want to vomit, but keeps me interested. This is the same way I made it through Poppy Brite's Exquisite Corpse which is one of the most beautiful books i would never suggest to people.

Sadie started out pretty mellow. A snarky, likable every girl works at a grocery store where she is overworked and emotionally pooped on by management. New Seasons in PDX? whole Foods? Take your pick of upscale foo foo stores. She dreams the same things we all occasionally dream, of killing a couple ass-hats and hiding the corpses. This goes off the rails with in 2-ish chapters after Sadie learns that the assistant douchlord manager at her work has been confirmed dead on the bicycle trail outside her apartment complex.

Sadie is chronicled here as she begins her downward spiral. With numb hands from shucking corn, she starts blacking out, and beginning to view herself as two people. One who puts up, and one that cuts up. Sadie begins offing people in various unusual ways. Every couple chapters includes a recipe interlude which slowly climbs the cannibal ladder, till you are hanging out in the club house munching a gourmet recipe body part potentially tenderizing in Sadie's own female ejaculate.

At one point, early in the book, Sadie exacts revenge on a coworker by raping herself with a buttered corncob then rapes him and feeds the evidence to the unconscious male victim. Afterwards, while the man is being prosecuted, I had to stop and look up the author's face. I wanted to look in the eyes of the person who could craft this terrible vision. I was surprised to find that Zane was a woman herself. Fuck. Surprised.. Never considered Zane a unisex name, expectations off kilter. OK, back to the book. Even when too disgusted to continue I was pulled back in by circumstance.

In the end, the book wasn't bad. It was dark as hell and gross and like a good car wreck, i kept peeking through my fingers. I have to admit I was sorely disappointed by the ending though. It grew in me as i though about it, but initial though was " are you kidding?". Extra Spoiler- as the book completed, there was a whirlwind scene which left it unclear if Sadie had imagined it all.There was no evidence, yet it was clear she expected evidence and she didn't hide it. People are alive that were thought dead. Sadie flips out and attacks police violently, still ending up prosecuted and in jail. I want to know what was going on and was really freaking frustrated by this ending.

In reviewing the authors site, it appears there is another book coming out, based around Sadie's neighbor who watches the world. I have to question what answers will be included. Did she dispose of evidence which proves Sadie's story? Or does she see a crazed woman carrying out fictional crimes.. Damn it.

If you hated the movie or book Amer Psycho, skip this book. Otherwise, pretty good. Just don't tell your grandma the name of the book as you will have to uncomfortably side step the plot description.

$2.99 on kindle, sometimes free on promo.


This book has nothing to do with

Kelly's Sadie the Saddest Sadist is a completely separate kind of fucked.

Click the link and watch the video, but not until after you've downloaded this kindle book or splurged for the paperback.


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