DayBlack Vol 2: Page after page of black ink and red blood

Keef Cross! You slapped me in the face with a wiffle paddle of love.

I was late to read Volume 1 of DayBlack, only learning of the comic series a few years after it was released. At the time of review, I made comments about how long it was between issues. I made a comment akin to ‘blah blah several more years before volume 2’.

I know it was just your marketing calendar, BUT, you seemingly timed the announced release of Volume 2 about three(?) days after I ran my mouth... I felt the sting of the pain stick and the force of the beating, but not until after hearing the ferocious mouse squeak of air through its holes. I will refrain from that mistake in the future.

DayBlack, vol 2 (Keef Cross)
96 pages
Rosarium Publishing
ISBN-10: 0996769234
ISBN-13: 978-0996769235

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DayBlack Volume 2 picks up where the first left off. Being a collected Trade Paperback, this would be awkward if it did otherwise so good job on that.

Merce, the narcoleptic vampire, finishes off some Mexican Luchador masked vamp hunters with aplomb. His 65cents a day adoptive son is haunting his town and sarcastically commenting on his reality. His twin brother and multi-hundred-year-old surprise dead girlfriend come to visit? Merce continues to try and find a way to keep his evolving reality from killing him directly or through annoyances.

As with the original volume, this collection of singles is full of stylized and hard-hitting artwork. All pages are dedicated to the craft using deep black/reds, the only colors vampires can see (according to DayBlack). Strangely, the front cover is also a page from the book, but where the vampire on the cover is stacked with tattoos, the interior art has none.Was this updated for marketing?

There also seems to be a bit more humor in this collection than the original, with the universe firmly set up, perhaps there is more room for it. Unfortunately, because the Comic is not text heavy, it felt very short. 96 pages is a bit lean as it is, but it makes the wait for more work.... harder.. l

Highly suggested for anyone who wants cutting-edge ideas with art that makes no apologies for its bad assitude.

This book was provided by the author or publisher for review purposes. Unlike people with lizard blood, this warm-blooded mammal does not allow such fickle things as review copies to sway my opinion. Fuck the lizard people. If something is terrible, I will advise as I cannot give garbage a free pass... Garbage is where the lizard people sleep with their knives.

Additional Artwork:


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