Mustaine: A Life in Metal (Dave Mustaine)

Published in the US as ‘Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir’, I apparently bought a UK import version with an alternate title/cover.
The only way to properly talk about this memoir is to begin by paraphrasing Mustaine’s book regarding the stuff that everyone expects:
“I was in Metallica until they kicked me out. I am so sad and bitter. I started a new band, Megadeth, which is pretty kick ass and is a metal force to be recognized. Twelve stepping is good so long as you are not to drunk to walk. Even through all my success, I continue to whine about Metallica until I have annoyed even myself…Oh look, there’s Jesus! What’s he doing here? I should ask him if he wants to jam with me..”
Dave Mustaine, druggie fist-fighting front-man for metal band Megadeth. Self-titled “Mustaine” covered his mid-teen years to current, his descent into alcoholism and drug abuse, greater than ten stints in various rehab facilities. It doesn't focus solely on the negative, instead calling out the many positive things his career has brought forth.
My previous summary does not do true justice to the autobiography. Mustaine brings the book from a solidly honest perspective. Nothing is more evident than his desire to level with fans, and critics alike in a straightforward and honest conversation.
His memoir was actually pretty interesting to read. The repetitive nature of his dislike for previous bands/Megadeth members was almost overwhelming at points, as was his need to tell readers about conflicts he has had over the years which have resulted in the co-conflictor becoming a good friend. It was good though. Anyone who has followed Mustaine’s work over the years has had questions, and this book has a number of the answers.
Fans of metal should check this out. It was far from terrible, but I cannot say it was great. Pick up a copy if you can find it on the cheap side, just make sure you don’t may cover price.


  1. Hey, if you didn't like this book, you don't like Megadeth. This book was one of my favorites. Dave is a really honest, smart guy. If you look past the drug abuse (he does deserve to be dead, but every body makes mistakes), he is actually a genius.

  2. Damn skippy. Guy's a genius for sure.
    Amazing work comes from strife, and he has collected more than his share and put it to work.
    Not sure how much of the above you read, but it was a positive review of a book that i got for a buck fifty on a clearance rack..
    Careful not to shoot a fellow fan.


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