BLOG: Criminal Complex - Johnny Shaw on writing / unrelated generalawesomeness

I got an email yesterday from Johnny Shaw stating “I wrote a foul-mouthed piece of writing advice over [here] that I think you might dig. ”

It is all about keywords my friends.. “Foul mouthed” grabbed my attention and dragged me to the site for perusal. The article is about authors self censoring, and pushing the envelope regarding their style. I am all about good advice presented in an entertaining manner. Cant beat it.

Click here to read Shaw’s article

On a more general Note, I was not familiar with the site Criminal Complex. Seems like a pretty good site over all. Comics Books Movies… Basic geeky goodness abounds. I suggest adding it to RSS, should be someplace i will hit up a couple times a week if their content continues to be solid.

I ran across a review of FATALE.. which I have been itching to read. Nothing sells me on a site faster than a good review of something want but have not been able to afford. I read about FATALE previously on Criminal Element back in October. Criminal Element however is a publisher site, run by Macmillan Publishing, so be wary of marketing spin… Most things are pretty solid over there though and there is not much to watch for.

Only problem in my view will be not confusing the two sites due to similar naming…


  1. Thank you for posting the link to that article! Couldn't have come on a better day - seriously.

  2. was one of those days eh? i find that having someone around to smack on command is useful .

    i coordination with that article, all would be well

  3. So are you volunteering for smack-on-command duty? Just curious.

  4. Hey, thanks for the kind words, chief!


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