T2: The Future War (S.M. Stirling), T2 book 3

This book is incredible. It is no written master work, nor will it be any more than what it is now in the eyes of the world, but it is incredible all the same. If you are even reading this review, you should be reading this series.

Spoilers? They don't matter. You know how this ends. It is nothing more than sci-fi geek porn dictating events that ultimately lead to the same conclusion as the movies you have already watched or the comics that Dark Horse os prepping to release. Humans die, robots are destroying.. the story is all in the details of how it happens.

After a fight in Antarctica, John Connor is tearing himself apart. before dying horrifically, his girlfriend entered a code base which would permanently disable SkyNet from moving forward into existence. John pushed the button to activate the kill code... Or did he? Everything he remembers is muddled, it is fuzzy and mixed up and highly emotional. Perhaps he was wrong and was told NOT to activate the code. He doesn't dare tell his mother that he may have unraveled their entire effort and helped bring SkyNet online.

SkyNet performs a test run, globally unnoticed, taking control of various electronically controlled "smart vehicles" and murdering thousands. Human kind is fought on multiple fronts by both machines and Human traitors, who have sided with the machines in an effort to save the planet from Humans.

John Connor's father, in child form is introduced. Everything in this trilogy culminates in the final book and 'The Future War' begins.


Not needed, three lines from the publisher are more than adequate.

Rear cover summary:
"The machines  are awake--and aware.
There is no destiny but the one we have created,,
There is no turning back-- The future is now."


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