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Star Trek- Book of Opposites: it is never too early to use the Federation to train younglings

Star Trek: Book of Opposites (David Borgenicht)

There are a hundred books about Opposites, allowing you and your child to learn hot from cold, mean from nice.

You as an adult must be completely nuts if the Star Trek Book of Opposites doesn't make you glow with geek love. You don't even have to be a Trek fan in order to understand the glorious nature of this book.

Kid Perspective:
My eldest spawn comes running to the room when he hears Star Trek theme music. He was less accepting of this book until just recently. He used it as a plate, a bat, a foot stool, but didn't care to read it. He split the pages of the board book apart, patiently waited for a glue stick to dry as they were fixed, then tried to separate them again.

Now, Opposites matter. His favorite words are "No" and "Gow-ay!!". What things are and how they relate to their opposite are important to him. One tribble is no longer the same as multiple tribble. An over heated Chekov is different compared against a freezing cold Sulu. He reads this book nearly daily and will interact like a TNG holodeck program.

As the back blurb of the book suggests, my Spawn is ready to "Explore Strange New Words".

Parent Perspective:
To quote Zappa from Nanook Rubs It.. Great Googly Moogly!!

This book is awesome to me and awesome to my kiddo. However, it is a bit confusing and though amazingly nerdy, not entirely informative. Showing a photo of Dr McCoy at standard age with a photo of Bones at an extreme age was probably not the best choices for the words Young and Old. He was no spring chicken when this aired.. Why not show a baby?

Perhaps it is because they had already used a very small person in the Big Small comparison, showing the android Ruk compared with a 3 ft tall First Federation representative.

Excuse me.
This is more of an adult nerd novelty book, but kids get a kick out of it too. Buy it, don't get upset when it gets ripped. It is all in the name of awesomeness.


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