Kill Creek: HEY NETFLIX buy the rights to make this a 10 ep series

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RAISE YOUR HAND if you have read Scott Thomas’s Kill Creek?? Finished reading yesterday and been digesting it.

It took me nearly a month to read this novel (no fault of the work itself). Sick family and company deadlines got in the way of my reading. By way of this slow throughput, I spent the month dwelling on the topics of ghosts and haunted houses (see all the comics i was posted).

For those unfamiliar, Kill Creek centers on a small house in Kansas, cursed from the day it was built when a loving couple was violently murdered for being northerner/freed slave. Since then, strange stories and rumors follow the house, and it has been featured several times as one of he most hanuted places in America.

Cue protagonists.. Four horror authors (of various genre staples) are brought to the house on Halloween to self promote their current projects in a live syndicated web broadcast. Whether they are believers in the supernatural or naysayers, they all sit in the same rooms, eat the same food, and the house at Kill Creek sits idle.. waiting.

The broadcast is put together by a rich asshole with aims at capitalizing on the combined audiences of his interviewees. 

This is probably one of my top 5 horror novels in the last few years.. Just enough twists, not very many obvious areas of thin or predictable plot.

I do have a gripe about the primary protagonist. Sam McGarvy has horrific writers block. He is stuck waiting for a single sentence which will inspire him and carve away his funk. Half of the observations he makes internally would be amazing first sentences. Like this ine about his personal writig/author hero.. unfortunately, Sam cannot hear his own genius

‘This is the voice you hear right before you’re born, Sam thought. The voice that says, “Fight the good fight,” before you are thrust into the unforgiving world.’

More discussion via comments if people are interested.

Author: @scottthomascaresaboutyou 
Awesome cover art by @corleyms 

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Disclosure: This book was provided for review purposes by the author or publisher. To loosely quote the great Nina Hagen ‘my love for you is greater than your love for me, surely you see i have found the key.’ This has nothing to do with the honest perspective applied in this review. I just like the song.


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