Weaponized: I would say it is heavy handed, but that hand is a penis

Let’s pretend Zac Thompson’s book ‘Weaponized’ = cookies. Based on the synopsis, I thought ‘these are going to be some pretty good cookies!’ But something went horribly wrong! What? Too many ingredients.

Flour, eggs, milk, salt, baking powder, water, oil, chocolate chips, raw beef, ketchup, chopped prunes, used contraception, snake venom, baby aspirin, cat vomit, and viagra. Under-baked on a open half dictionary covered in lard and spritzed lovingly with a potpourri essence of airbourne phallic juices..

These are not cookies I enjoyed.

Weaponized tried too hard. Here are it’s actual ingredients: Dysptopian universe, with the 1970’s recent enough to be mentioned; The Sexwars which caused trouble but are never explained; Outlawed fornication (but page 3 tells you it is a fraud); Skeleton warriors who fail to be interesting; Bone gun and their references always mentioning ‘bone bullets’; Biomechanical buildings which didn’t exist until after people go into veiny/anus/vagina subtunnels; Mutants non-existing until the anus/vagina subtunnels; Sleeping giant gods; Duplicitous Godhead/penisheads; Acid spewing penis arm guns; Teenage angst and borderline date rape; A rediculous clown painting.

All bad? No. There were many great elements. Unfortunately, they needed to be carved off to world build several books not be stuffed into one. Some sentences were inspired, but they were buried under layers of critically needed editing. It was a single overwhelming mess.

I would question any person who says it was well written and assume they didn’t read it or are giving lipservice to the author. Laden with spelling errors, poor structure, inconsistent story, a simple scaling back of complexity could have made this shine or allowed issues to be forgiven.

I would consider reading this author again if he were to fnd a way to balance his ideas with the works he is creating. I would not finish another book that is of the same quality presented here. There were A THOUSAND GREAT IDEAS HERE.. most of which had no business being inside a single cookie.

Care for more examples? Message me directly.


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