What is Toastx2

What is/ was/ shall this place be?

I am just a guy who likes to read books and consume media. My primary focus of writing book reviews is not to entertain others, but to simply ensure I have better retention of what I read. I ensure this by recapping in my own words the experience, and in some cases, this has proven useful to other potential readers.

I have worked on a number of side projects, art projects, organization methods, all of which took more time and effort than I care to spend..Instead, I am recompiling all of these elements into a single site. This will make Google's bots unhappy and dramatically hurt pageranking, but meh... Dead incarnations include Fnordinc.com, RawBlurb, AppSnob, KidSpoiler, BusinessReplyMail, and others. Their content has been concatenated like the Borg.

Why are you such an inconsistent poster?
Hobby, not a business. Enough said.

Please note that I DO post links to affiliates in order to try and garner some side hustle cash. To date, in 10 years, I have made a whole dollar .


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