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Under a Velvet Cloak: Dirty dieties doing it dirt cheap

Twenty years ago I read one of the most influential book series of my lifetime. In recent years, I learned that a new chapter had been created. The original Incarnations of Immortality, written by Piers Anthony, was a seven book package of awesomeness. In 2007, an eighth book was written. Created entirely due to readership demand and some amazing collaborative efforts by the author and a handful of dedicated fans, the final book in Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality left me satisfied though a little ambivalent.

  • Under a Velvet Cloak (Piers Anthony)
  • 324 pages
  • Mundania Press LLC
  • ISBN-10: 1606594443
  • ISBN-13: 978-1606594445
Readers who are fanatical for the Incarnations of Immortality should investigate this immediately. It's worth reading in my opinion, though mixed reviews are to be had. This is a highly sexualized novel, and is dissimilar to the other novels in much the same way as the others differed in style and presentation. The full cast of characters is there and you have basically all the answers you have been wanting. Not a fanatic? You can skip it with no concern. Don't want to risk muddling your fond memories on a 20-ish years in the making sequel? Then skip it, no harm no foul.

I fall into the fanatic camp. I describe the plot of the series to anyone who will listen, and can instantly bond with others who read then (I love you Jenn). I commonly think of Nox and Eris, contemplating loose ties. I never to this day have truly forgiven a woman who swiped my copy of 'On a pale horse' and wrote 'property of' her name in the cover.

I am not sure how much I have to say here. I have opinions.

Was it good? Well of course. Piers Anthony is a great writer. The authors note about the writing and concept was fascinating. The book was amazing.

Is it for everyone? No. Absolutely not. People uncomfortable with sex should avoid this. Seriously. It is like reading Pornucopia part III (yes, there is a second P-copia). Most important conversations take place during or post coitus in this novel. Detailed but not to the point of indecency, sex is used as a tool in the cultivation and diplomacy of mankind's existence. Especially hard to read is opening sequences which detail the analytical breakdown and sexual awakening of (at that time in the story) the fourteen year old protagonist. Context must be kept. Historical timeline and such make this timing appropriate and not out if the norm. It never borders lewdness, staying fairly clinical and detached.. But still difficult to get past with modern perspectives in place. Also, I would not categorize this regarding the topic of feminism, you will find it can be argued both directions as there are many blurred lines.

This was not my favorite book of the series. I would probably not read it again, not because of it's quality. It's ship only needed to sail once to reach the right destination. Unlike the other novels, this one is complex for the purpose of completion. It fails to have the reread value of the others because it is designed to fill the gaps that caused one to scratch repeatedly the surface of the others.

I greatly appreciate closure to what felt like an incomplete story for a large portion of my life. I always wanted a Nox tale. Chaos deserved a voice in the Piers Anthony universe and has finally received it.


Sourced: This book was gifted to me by a loved one. This bears both credit for knowing me so well and dismay for handing me literary porn while giggling. do you think giggity and giggly are somehow related?


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