Children sponge brain etc

I find it frightening how fast my spawn learn. The level of knowledge they glean on a daily basis, the fastness with which they are able to implement the data. the fact that sometimes, it appears as if they are spacing out, when in fact they are computing in the background.

My wife Jenn was driving our children to daycare on our way to work the other morning. I was in the passenger seat and we were just cruising. The radio is playing music and per the norm, I turn to my son in the rear seat and ask him a question. He is 2.5 years old, and his sponginess is at a critical high point.

I ask the spawn 'Who sings this song?'
He responds in a 2-year old growl 'META-ICA!'
'No, this is not Metallica, it's Journey..'

He had thrown his hand in the air, but was unable to properly form the horns. I was tearful with pride.

On previous days, listening to Portishead, he was heard signing along to the lyrics, and his favorite band is Beastie Boys (pronounced BeaBos by him). Continue the tearful pride.

What is his favorite Song?
Hot Dog, by They Might Be Giants.
it so happens that this is the closing theme of the new Mickey Mouse club house, but so what. TMBG is amazing, no matter who pays them to use their IP.


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