All you need to know about graffiti is in this book

I love love LOVE this.

Unfortunately, Behance requires a login in order to leave a comment on any portion of the site.. So I will just talk about it here.

This book looks fantastic. It is not literature, just pure artistic statement.
All you need to know about graffiti is in this book.Graffiti is often misunderstood, and it is difficult for a graffiti writer to explain what he feels about it. I have been asked by a book publisher to write few pages to explain to teenagers how to practice graffiti. [...] I created my own book to share my point of view through a conceptual message.

via Graffiti book. on the Behance Network.

To be honest, I believe that items like "All you need to know about graffiti[...]" have a bit more credibility these days than in decades past.

This book bypasses all of this and gets right to the point. "pick up a goddamn rattle can and just get to it." mm.. pizza box stencils..

I am Jack's pizza box stencil by TrashyBrad


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