The movie The Dinner killed my desire to read the book

I feel like a complainer. No one forced me to watch it, but I did and I am annoyed. I sometimes elect to watch the movie instead of or before reading a book. Because my reading pile is immense and I will never be able to read every book written (my dream come true!). This situation is a bit different because I physically had the book on my shelf always being pushed to the side.

Excited for the film and frustrated I could never seem to make time for the book, I rented 'The Dinner' through Redbox. I was severely disappointed. 

According to my wife, who read the novel and watched the film, they are so loosely connected it borders on silly. What an overproduced nightmare. Normally, even when a film is bad or an adaptation is off key, there is still an undercurrent statement of 'the book is better'. I was left me instead with the question 'do I even care anymore?' the plot is ruined, and I am not sure I care about the details of how the book was better..

I expected fine treatment to be applied because this book was so well appreciated internationally. It is not uncommon that watching a movie might be disappointing compared to the origin book. Sometimes the movie exceeds expectations by cutting through overly complex prose and converting it to beautiful visual effect.

Unfortunately, such a sour taste was left in my mouth and the spoilers are subject matter is inflammatory enough that I will skip the book entirely. I don't know if the book will go to a reseller, a thrift shop, or the neighborhood lending library, but it will not be in my hands.

I am just a little hard headed. I know I could read the novel but I feel like it is tainted by the stinky butt hole of a movie that shares it's name.


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