If My Dogs were a pair of Middle-Aged Men: The Oatmeal keeps you regular

I have been laughing deep jolly belly laughs for close to a decade thanks to Matthew Inman, the twisted monkey brain behind Web comic The Oatmeal. His dastardly comics include such classics as a Mother-Effin Pterodactyl who pisses acid, an analysis of cats plotting against you, and a compendium about the proper usage of the semi-colon. Let's not forget 'How to Punch a Dolphin in the mouth'.

The Oatmeal has made a nice business of coffee table books collecting Inman's artwork and making it available offline and in eBook format. 'Dogs Pair Middle-Aged Men' is exactly that. A whole mess of hilarious relatable pages.

If My Dogs Were a Pair of Middle-Aged Men (The Oatmeal, Matthew Inman)

This is perfect for those nights you are too drunk to work the Internet on your iPhone but still, want to prove to some foolish bar patron that you are hip. Like riding a bike, it is hard to forget your 'turn pages' skills. This collected volume of comic strips will make you pee yourself just a little tiny bit and but not so much your intoxicated sex-time buddy can tell.

Buying a copy through this link supports this site but will cost you no extra money.

Disclosure: This Book was provided by the publisher for review purposes. It channels the wisdom of ancient DNA passed down from our ancestors and places it in a dirty jelly jar for convenient refrigerator storage.


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