Book Mixtape: HEY! Chelsea Cain! Where is Gretchen hiding now?

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Sometimes a book series really gets in your head. It is natural to obsess a bit. More natural than kidnapping a man and doodling hearts into his chest with a blade. More natural than cycles of self-depreciation for a broken man. It's just a book series, right? Can't hurt any one with a book series, right?

I find that I cannot stop thinking about these two screwed up lovers, Beauty Killer Gretchen Lowell and Detective Archie Sheridan. It has been four years since the most recent book in the Gretchen series was released. To date, there are six books and we hope there is more to come.

Because the Gretchen Lowell series is based out of Portland Oregon, I am frequently reminded of them as I move about the city. Every time an Oaks Amusement park advertisement comes on the radio, I think of the bodies. When I see any venue where Storm Large played a concert, I think of Gretchen (and the I Love Gretchen fan page). When I hear mention of Vicodin, Archie springs to mind.

Haven't read any of the books?
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Ok, I know. Anyone who bothers to read this is wondering where the hell I am headed with this. 

One day back in 2015, my micro obsession took a turn for the awesome. My love for the series converted itself into a mixtape in honor of Gretchen & Archie. I listen to it about once a month. Currently, all tracks are available on Spotify and are intended to be played in order.

This is the first book soundtrack/mixtape I have made. I had a lot of fun and will probably make more in the future.

Reviews of some books have been performed on this series:

Book 4 - The Night season (no review)
Book 5 - Kill you twice (no review)
Book 6 - Let me go (no review)


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