Good Omens (Pratchett and Gaiman)

So many people have written about this book. There is no need to rehash things. Neil and Terry talking about the writing process they went through.

Quick synopsis: Satan's child is born into the world and inserted into the wrong family. What results is the ultimate experiment in nature vs nurture. When the end times come, will the son of the devil follow the evil in his genetics, or the standard well rounded human upbringing his mistaken life gave him.

In the book are devils, angels, witches, witch hunters, politicians, four horsemen of the apocalypse, nuns, satanists, paint ballers, soothsayers, aliens, etc.

Laugh out loud funny, but because of the varied styles in the dual authors, may not be easy for all readers to get into. Give it fifty pages before you decide though, would hate if you gave up too early, it would be a damn shame.

People who wrote more in depth and are worth reading:

Bonnie over at Blogcritic has a great POV.
"Good Omens uses the pre-Apocalyptic circumstances to explore the idea of what it means to be good, evil and, most of all, human." Review Link...

Gryffindorkk/EighteenDown -
"a proof of how versatile and flexible both authors can be. The two just fed off into each others abilities that the synergy between them had produced a novel of this high caliber" Review Link...

Side note - Perfumes based around the Good Omens Characters and places.
These sound stinking amazing. proceeds go to good causes, authors are down for the use of the names and idea.. all around awesomeness.

The Buggre Alle this Bible and Famine sound amazing...


  1. This book also has some of the best use of 'emplegs' (embedded plagerisms) ever. The GK Chesterton bit at the end is a bit obvious, but I remember a point a bit earlier, when the evil genes start coming through and he sudenly becomes Just William. Excelent, clever and very funny.

  2. I am actually not familiar with Embedded Plagiarism. Will have to look it up. I am assuming it is exactly what it sounds like (characters quoting other authors or some other similar context).

    Having never read Chesterton, i was not able to pick those out as i read. i did notice though that it is dedicated to Chesterton.. and read someplace that the main character in sandman was based on him.. just never got around to reading his books.

    so much to read, so little time.

  3. New term for me too.

    Since the word plagiarismsm is use, I am guessing it is the process - of which many of us bloggers are at least occasionally guilty of - where we "quote" some piece of a news article, opinion peace, book review, etc - and then frame it in a few editorial comments.

    Provided you give suitable attribute, I for one, would set the bar very high (leniant in other words) before I called plagiarism. After all, if my definition is correct, than you could call the common link-post ("see the interesting links I have found") a empleg. After all, ALL the content in that case would be borrowed.


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