Night of the Living Trekkies (Anderson and Stall)

Zombies are everywhere these days. They show up in movies, books, standard TV, on the t-shirts of infants.. They have become pervasive in all aspects of our global social-cultural circles.
It is strange because back when I was in school, Zombies were still a sub-culture. I do not know if this is purely an artifact of the internet culture, or if people have finally become desensitized to a point where flash mobs of gore covered f aux-corpses is just a norm; Where a life with out zombie-fear, zombie escape plans, and everyone trying to top each other with anti-zombie paraphernalia would be passe.

Like Death Troopers before it, Night of the Living Trekkies (NotLT) is a geek smorgasbord. NotLT is exactly how it sounds. A novel of “Unofficial, Unimaginable, Unbelievable” proportions. I have to admit, I like living in a world where books like this can exist. Where geeks, instead of being avoided while reading them, can be approached by people asking if it is worth reading and whether the red shirts die first.

To appease people like the asian man on the train who stared at me for fifteen minutes before asking a stranger questions.. Seriously.. The title alone should have gotten you to pick this up and read it. If not the title, then perhaps the awesome art on the cover. I was very entertained by all of these things. Very very entertained…

Quick summing up: In Texas, the largest Gulf region trek convention is just ramping up for the year. Folks are signing into their rooms, prepping for the feasting on Klingon blood worms, and giant “to-scale” cake models of alien warships. Combat Veteran (and hotel assistant manager) Jim is being harrassed by his pesky spidey sense though. Something is not right, the expected capacity of the hotel is not being met, people keep calling in sick, some kid is annoying guests with a play ray gun, and a mime (of all things) just started biting the security personnel… Something is going down, but he cannot seem to put his finger on it. Please note the status of “Combat Veteran”.

If that doesn’t do it for you though, take my word that if you get a kick out of internet photoshops of Picard juggling spoons, making people angry by talking about Kirk and Spock kissing, or want a “Wreath of Khan” for xmas next year, then you are gonna love this.

Oh yeah, Princess Leia makes an appearance :)

Seeing this come from Quirk, was a treat. I am tried of all the rewriting of classic novels to add zombies, demons, vampires etc into them. Quirk publishing has played that out and annoyed me to the point of wanting to scream.. They turned novelty into tripe.. Congrats on that. However, having a cross cultural mashup instead of relying on dead authors and some tired wit was great. – Kudos to Kevin Anderson and Sam Stall.. Great work here guys.


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