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Think Tank: A mess of lackluster okayness

Meh. This was good but not great.
Spoilers follow, I didn't spend much time trying to dance around anything.

  • Think Tank - Hawkins/Ekedal (Image/TopCow)
  • 160 pages
  • Image Comics
  • ISBN-10: 160706815X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1607068150

Think Tank covers the life of Dr Loren, Genius and DARPA Engineer who is dead tired of feeling guilty that his work is used to kill people. Even work he does for non-lethal projects have lethal applications. I dont feel bad for him. Boundless cash and cutting edge projects entertain him and keep him involved at the level he is. David Loren is an infantile fratboy who annoyed the crap out of me. Good thing I like geeky technology. (Cool links cited to real world in the postscript)

On a whim David breaks with military standard and heads out for a night on the town where he spills his guts to a woman in a bar. Some sex fluids are swapped and Dr. Loren is ultimately arrested and returned to base. He proceeds to spend the following chapters/issues breaking out of a military based so he can be free of his shackles.

In the final pages, where you learn that the girl friend works for the military as a mole, prior pages on second read make no sense; For example, the mind reading deviceh picking up her thoughts in the bar and post coitus. It does not catch that she knows who he is and that he is being played, instead plays out some next morning regret.

The art in this graphic novel was well drawn but a bit two dimensional. There was not a lot of depth to it, and I spent a lot of time picking background from foreground just to understand what was in view.

Many panels show blood in violent white bursts, as seen in other well known comics. Unfortunately, the same technique is used for other purposes. When showing engineered custom acids eating off somones clothes (but not harming flesh), the bright whites cause confusion against the backdrop of the blood replacememt. Takes too much effort to decipher.

Multiple panels show a David Loren reminiscent of Kurt Cobain. This in it's own right is not bad, just made my 1990's self a bit sad. The ends though, add in his devious smile as the story progresses and his personality starts to grate on my nerves.

I dunno. I personally feel like this could have been better. I am not sad that I read it, but felt it was a bit lackluster and was surprised that there were several printings of the original issues. I could have read something else and been equally satisfied.

Both author and artist are well known for other work. Maybe just over written and understyled.


Disclosure- This was provided for review purposes by the publisher. While not all tea is a preferred beverage, I still like tea in general. I like coffee better. Sometimes a review work is barely tolerable tea. Sometimes it is simply dirty water. Sometimes it is made with water from a superfund site. Superfund coffee would still be coffee and thus always drinkable. I lost my train of thought and am thirsty.


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